Garlic cloves as alternative bait?

Winter is coming closer and closer and the water temperature is gradually going below 6 degrees.

In order to still be able to catch carp, feeding must be reduced to a necessary minimum and other baits have to be used. The cold water causes carp to switch to a kind of energy-saving mode. Fast dissolving and high quality baits get now more in the focus. But also eye catching strong smelling baits can attract fish to the hook during this time. For this reason, I tried a simple clove of garlic and a stick mix soaked in liquid during my last session. My fishing buddies thought my lure selection was a bit unconventional and made fun of it. What do you want to catch with the garlic clove? It’s much too big for this time of year. Believing in your bait is one of the most important things in carp fishing. So I didn’t let myself get rattled and stuck to my alternative method. I was proved right, because while my colleagues were blanking on a 24-hour session, I was able to catch three carp with the garlic. The heaviest was at 35.03 lbs.

In summary, I consider that garlic cloves is a top bait, not only because it catches but also because it is much cheaper compared to boilies and it also stays fresh on the hair much longer.

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