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About me

Carpfishing Max

My name is Max.

I am from Salzburg in Austria and have been a passionate angler for years.
Already as a small child I was often at the lake with my father. It all started at small trout lakes where I learned the basics of fishing. Later in my youth I found the pike and perch as a target fish for me. At that time I fished a lot at larger moorland lakes near Salzburg, specializing in spin fishing and bait fish fishing.

Today I have focused on carp and catfish fishing. My personal best since this year is 48,06 lbs for carp and 6 feet for catfish. I enjoy fishing in nature and I am always trying to improve my fishing techniques. For this reason I would like to share my impressions and experiences that I get on my fishing trips with you in my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and visit me on my other channels on Facebook and Instagram.