Trout session

Since March 16, Austria is already in lockdown, restaurants and pubs have to close but also DIY stores, cultural sites, universities and sports fields. Fishing is not spared either. Many lakes and ponds are no longer allowed to sell tickets and only a few offer online sales. For this reason I had to adapt my target fish to the remaining possibilities. One of these is a salmonid reservoir with 120ha and a good stock of trout, char, lake trout and pike. So I decided to have my next session there and especially to look for trout, which can become very big in this natural water. Early in the morning I left and tried my luck at a spot with an edge that drops from 1 meter to 3.5 meters.For the assembly I used a lead with 90cm leader and a size 6 hook. As bait I used a trout batter (Powerbait cheese). It did not take long and I could land my first trout, unfortunately only a small one with a weight of 1,1lbs. But it should not be the last one. A little later I could land two more trout, one with 2,8lbs and the other with 3,14lbs. After that I didn’t get any action on my rod for a long time and I wanted to pack up everything when the bite indicator went up. It came to a long fight like I only knew it from carp fishing and I was sure I had a capital trout chopped. A whole 8 minutes later I was able to land it, what a fish, my biggest trout up to this point with a weight of 9,21 lbs. A really successful session with a real banger came to an end.

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